Cheap Dedicated Server From ProLimeHost

Getting ahead in today’s business world means taking full advantage of the internet and all that it brings to the table. A modern business needs some sort of online presence if they hope to attract new leads and expand as a business. In order to build an online presence, a business needs a website that is hosted around the clock. A quality website hosted on a cheap dedicated server will allow a business to reach a new audience from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, finding a high-quality dedicated server is essential for maintaining a constant up-time and high-speeds, both of which customers find very important. In the past, a high-quality dedicated server meant a very expensive server, but things are different today. It’s entirely possible to find quality, yet cheap dedicated servers that don’t require sharing with other websites or businesses.

As with any website, it all comes down to the end-user experience. You might think that a cheap dedicated server would result in a poor user experience. This may be true with servers and hosts of the past, but as mentioned earlier, things are different today. When considering the importance of each individual customer for a large business, you should understand that each of these customers is even more important for a small business with a smaller pool of customers. This causes small businesses to struggle in hopes of finding a cheap dedicated server that can keep their customers happy before they leave. That’s where our cheap dedicated servers at ProLimeHost come into play.

The fact of the matter is this, we know what customers want, which is no downtime and faster speeds. An upgrade to a dedicated, even a low-cost dedicated server, is a smart investment for any business owner. Once you start giving the customers what it is they want, they’ll start giving you what it is that you want.

Hidden Surveillance Cameras – Safety First

hidden surveillance camerasA few years ago, hidden surveillance cameras that you could buy in gadget stores were little more than just gimmicks or toys, but now they can record in HD quality, and produce great images. Their battery life is greatly improved and they have good storage capacity too. There are a lot of different hidden surveillance cameras to choose from, some of these amazing hidden surveillance cameras make great gifts, and are quite affordable, while others are more industrial-quality.

Water Bottle Camera
This water bottle camera can record up to 16 hours of video and has a 30 hour battery life. It is capable of recording even in low light, and ships with a free 4GB SD card. It is easy to use, and can play back to a TV or your PC.

Night Vision Spy Watch

The night-vision spy camera watch can record 1080p HD, and has a recording battery life of up to three hours, with great audio and night-vision capabilities that allow recording even in complete darkness. What makes this camera especially interesting is that it can be used as a web cam, and it is waterproof up to depths of three meters!

Wireless Smoke Detector With Camera

If you want to install a hidden camera in your gym, how better to do so than to install a faux smoke detector with a wi-fi camera built in? If you do this, be sure to install a real smoke detector alongside it, otherwise you could be putting the safety of your employees.

These hidden surveillance cameras make great tools to facilitate pranks. A spy camera pen, or a coffe-cup with a camera in it is a discrete recording device that you can have a lot of fun with. Check out the Gadgets and Gear website for a full list of surveillance products.

GPS Tracker For Kids

childtrack2If you’re looking for the best GPS tracker for kids, you may want to look into ChildTrack 24/7. This is a great product and you’re about to find out how you can use it to help you figure out where your child is.

Learn what you need to do to attach the device to your child so that it can do its job. This GPS tracker for kids comes with options that you can order, such as a key chain or a Velcro strap that you can use to tie it to your child’s arm or leg. There are also ways to sew it into clothing so that it’s hidden from anyone that could see it and try to get rid of it when your child’s in danger. Just make sure that the device isn’t easily detectable and that your child knows not to play with it.

With this device you’re going to be able to pay the company as you go. This means when you’re going to have your child with you to where you don’t need the device for a while, you can set it up to where it will be off and payments can be put on hold. Their goal is the safety of children and not to make a whole bunch of money. Be sure you ask about pricing and see what you can work into your budget. They’ll be more than willing to help you find out what’s right for you.

You now are aware of why ChildTrack 24/7 is a great GPS tracker for kids. It’s going to help you have piece of mind when your child is out of your sight. This is a great thing to get right away just in case something were to happen.